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Want to make 6 figures monthly as a social media manager? You are in the right place.

My story

I worked at an agency where we received hourly pay plus commission on other services we could sell to the client. My background is in sales so of course I'd take a $3000 paycheck to a $7000 paycheck. This is where the problems starts. 

My work environment was toxic. If  I did my job well my boss of course was happy. But my co-workers would be jealous. They would start rumors, make sly comments, and ultimately it was just horrible.

I'm am a naturally bubbly, creative person, so again in the work place this just creates jealousy. I had to start my own business. 

Now I'm the Boss. My clients are happy, and my team is making money so yes they are happy. 

Life is just so much smoother and honestly I love what I do. 

my mission

To help women create a 

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